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Business Advisory Services

Acentian, LLC

Acentian, LLC is your go-to management consultancy firm for all your business needs. With our services, reach higher goals with expert guidance and advice. We are your business partner in times of need.

We provide reliable and dependable services.

People receiving our business advisory
Project Management

We provide project management and ensure that proper coordination is carried out. From inception to completion of the project, we ensure that the project is well-managed, and we leave no stone unturned to deliver high-quality services. With us, overseeing any of your projects is easy. Our senior-level project managers are adept at handling and coordinating various teams for the successful execution of the project.

Business Process Re-engineering

If you are experiencing a slowdown in productivity, chances are that the business process needs extreme changes. With our process re-engineering services, beat the stagnation and spur growth. We work to assist you in adopting the latest business practices.

Change Management

Aligning business goals with various departments in your company is essential for increased output. Our change management consultancy service focuses on the behavioral aspects of your personnel. Through various processes, we will help you achieve your business goals.

IT Management

With our understanding and knowledge of the latest IT software, tools, and standard operating procedures (SOPs), interim IT management is easier than ever. We ensure that high productivity is maintained under our interim management.

Operations Management

Our consultants are experts at managing interim operations while you are addressing other aspects of the business. Our proven leadership will ensure that the productivity of your business does not take a hit. Be it a few days, weeks, or months, we offer dependable interim operations management services.

Business Development, Marketing, Sales

Our consultancy services use the best practices that will boost and transform your business from all directions. We are industry leaders when it comes to providing assistance and development in business development, marketing, and sales.

Strategic Planning

We provide guidance in strategic planning that will ensure unparalleled growth. We ensure that by working with us, you’ll have clearly defined short-term and long-term goals.

Staff Augmentation

If you find yourself in need of temporary administrative staff, management staff, or operations staff, we are here to help. Our team has many years of experience in assisting companies. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

Business Advisory

Whether you are gearing up to make the next big deal or getting into a relevant agreement, know that our business advice is proven to be reliable. With our experience, we help you make the right decision.

Our Approach

We believe that service delivery should be goal-oriented. Read on to understand how we approach any task.

Here’s a small taste of what we’ve done:

Task 1: Executive management’s instructions were simple – ‘do what you have to do to rebuild the department.’

Solution: By leveraging the core competencies of the IT staff and ensuring that individual skill sets were appropriately utilized, within three months (versus 12-month goal), the IT department was reorganized with increased morale, efficiency, and productivity.

Task 2: Grow IT department for management consulting company.

Solution: By personally training the staff in appropriate customer service methodologies, we expanded the workforce from 2 to 25, and drove revenue from $250,000 to $2+ million (80% of total company sales).

Task 3: Ten days before the scheduled presentation of a prototype, a major telecommunications company discovered that they were unable to produce any working prototype.

Solution: Working in an accelerated, time-critical fashion, utilizing only one internal resource, we created from scratch a working prototype and delivered a successful presentation to VP level managers.

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